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Mission Statements and Core Values

CTR’s mission is to serve people in their time of need with compassion, thorough communication and quality service.

Core Values

  • Serving People- Serving people in their time of need with compassion for the unexpected and disruptive event that occurred in their life. Reassuring customers that we are there to serve them and help them through this stressful time. Our customer’s need to know that even though we deal with disasters every day, we are sympathetic to the fact that these circumstances are unique and uncertain to them.
  • Communication- Daily, convenient and thorough communication with our customers, insurance representatives, referral sources and other people connected to the project.
  • Quality Service- Provide our customers with timely and quality services on each and every project.
  • Integrity- Serving our customers and the insurance industry with integrity by: (1) Showing courtesy and compassion to our customers during an unexpected loss through ethical business and marketing practices; and (2) Respect the necessary and agreed upon scope of work to return the property to its pre-loss condition along with fair and competitive pricing in accordance with the community and insurance industry pricing standards.
  • Corporate Stewardship- To embrace our responsibility as a business in our local community by: (1) Promoting and engaging in ethical business practices; (2) Supporting and participating in organizations that elevate the quality of life in our community; and (3) Continually enhancing our business and improving our business model to deliver more value to our customers and community.